GPs, Dentists and Pharmacists

Whether you are a Specialist Consultant, a GP in partnership, locum or Medical Practice Owner Manager, your passion in improving the healthcare of the community requires the support of a proactive team of accountants to maximise the return from your business. Our team of accountants not only have experience of taxation in a private setting but also benefit from expertise gained at NHS Primary Care Trusts and Foundation Trusts.

We not only take care of your tax and accounting responsibilities but also review the generation of income through QOF, Enhanced Services, UDAs, pharmacy staff training etc. and make sure your reimbursement of rent, rates and service charges are calculated correctly. Our team’s background allows us to provide advice on future procurement bids, as part of a national tender exercise, ensuring your bidder input does not exclude any important costs/income.

We would be most pleased to have the opportunity to support you and your business. We are currently helping an increasing number of medical practitioners in implementing tax efficient structures so that the return from your business is maximised.